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Kingsoft-Dell Collaboration

Dell has recently been cooperating with Kingsoft in Japan and India. This partnership, entailing the distribution of Kingsoft products, is significant for both Dell and Kingsoft. It will certainly increase the quality, global visibility and popularity of Kingsoft's products. This partnership will mostly certainly become a milestone of Kingsoft. 

Kingsoft seeks to penetrate markets in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America in future. We are committed to, and hope for a lasting relationship with Dell. 

Kingsoft Office: The Best Alternative to Microsoft Office 

1. Portability: Compared with Microsoft Office's client size of more than 1GB, Kingsoft Office only occupies 36MB, rendering it very suitable for Netbooks. 

2. Economical and affordable 

3. More than 95% functionalities compatible with Microsoft Office 

4. Fastest Performance 

5. Quick Installation Process - About 2 minutes 

6. Automatic Updates 

7. Lifetime Updates 

8. Fast Pre-load Speed 

9. Enhanced Document Security - Password protection and 8 types of RC4 encryptions.