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Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional Released

25th, July, 2010
Kingsoft Office 2010 pro released!

It is the update from exisiting version of Kingsoft Office 2010 Professional
Users can upgrade from the programme directly if you already use Kingsoft Office in your computer. Also, you can download from our website   Or you can download directly from the Link  And install it yourself.
Kingsoft Office which is Unrivaled compatible with Microsoft Office® ( include 2007 version) ,Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Use and it already has 10,000,000 + Active Users in the world. The latest version 2010 just released on May, 2010. It is fast ( Speed is faster than pervious version more than 10 times more ), small size ( only 50 MB),  fully MS Office® compatible office system with Significant Cost Saving, it can reduce your customers’ budget much.

KSOffice Marketing Team