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Frequently Asked Questions

    1.What are included in the Kingsoft Office 2010 suites?

Kingsoft Office 2010 suites include three applications: Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheets and Kingsoft Presentation.

    2.How many versions are available in Kingsoft Office?
    3.Is Kingsoft Office compatible with Microsoft Office?
    4.What are the system requirements for Kingsoft Office?
    5.What is a trial version?
    6.What happens when the trial expires?
    7.How do I convert the trial version to the full version?
    8.Where can I purchase the serial number for a full version of Kingsoft Office?
    9.How do I find the serial number?
    10.How do I get help if I have trouble with Kingsoft Office?
    11.How do I set the file association with Microsoft Office?
    12.How to export the file to PDF?
    13.How can I uninstall Kingsoft Office 2010?
    14.Is it necessary to uninstall a previous version before installing Kingsoft Office 2010?
    15.How do I get help when I have some problems with Kingsoft Office?
    16.What is the difference between Kingsoft AntiVirus and Kingsoft Personal Firewall ?
    17.How many computers can I install Kingsoft Internet Security 9+ on ?
    18.What is the price of Kingsoft Internet Security 9+?
    19.How can try Kingsoft Internet Security ?
    20.Does Kingsoft Internet Security provide extended functions?
    21.How I can activate Kingsoft Internet Security?
    22.How can I upgrade from KSO 2009 to KSO 2010?